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Boat without a Boat


Stop Motion Animation Videos, Night Ritual and Midden will be available on the website after the show comes down.

You can only be touched if you have not perished
(written by Poet, Eimear Laffan in response to this body of work and recorded as part of the soundtrack for the video Midden)

How well the cave initiates.
Even allegory has a genealogy.

Answer though you were not called.
Each breach dictates a subterfuge.

Humble then your hands into the dirt.
There is more than one way to pray.

Punctuate clay with raw desire.
Its hard press will find you in time.

Unearth lunacy from the cavern floor.
What can be held can be altered.

String the nadis with fairylight.
The body has a history of absorption.

Borrow paper from a birch bark.
Remember how to start a fire.

Animal the wolf moon with a howl.
Every after carries a resound.

Video created by the Grand Forks Art Gallery