Between is an on-going series of explorations of the human emotion using drawn line and collage elements on on top of inky washes which were randomly laid down on Yupo paper. Concentrating on the natural and randomness of the ink’s mark to create suggestions of the human face and form. The work with its main focus on the human face expresses a spectrum of emotion such as; anxiety, madness, grief and so on. These states of emotion are subjective in that they require my discovery of them in the inky washes. The playfulness of the process serves to help cultivate the unconscious mind.

The images show here are a selection of  these inky works. Some of these pieces were exhibited in 2019 at the Tilted Brick Gallery an Artist Run Centre in Creston, BC. Since then I have continued to explore this process and most recently introduced the whole figure in small narrative scenes inspired by the stone relief carvings from Ankor Wat.



Tilted Brick Gallery
Opened November 15th – December 21st,  2019

Artist Run Centre in Creston, BC
Curator: Lisa Benshop
Directors : Marnie Temple and Jim Wallis

The works are glimpses of raw truth; they exist in a space in between the artist’s own private inner world and the mundane, material world we all share – not entirely otherworldly, not entirely concrete, but somewhere in Between.

from curatorial statement by Lisa Benshop

Lisa Benschop curatorial essay