This fall I  launched exhibition of new work at the Kootenay Gallery of Art under the title, Pan-dulum: a Call to Unreason.  A project that I have been working on for a few years which explores the psychological nature of anxiety and its manifestation as a pendulum of emotion/mind states between panic and desire. The work shown in the gallery included paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Pan-dulum: A Call to Unreason is on exhibit at Gallery 2, in Grand Forks, BC  in February – April, 2019 .  Curator, Tim Van Wijk

The work was sponsored by the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance through a major project grant. Check out more images of the work in the Pandulum section of this site.

Check out this review of Pan-dulum in Galleries West Magazine. Written by Susan Andrews Grace.

Gallery 2 invite 2019

I had the joy of speaking with Sherly Mackay down at CBC this winter. Our conversation is on the March 23rd edition of her North by NorthWest radio show. We spoke about the process of creating Pan-dulum and where the work is headed.

Below are some images from the exhibition at Gallery 2 in Grand Forks. For more images of this body of work see Pandulum under WORK  http://: The installation photographs were taken by Randi Fjeldseth.

I have an exhibition coming up in 2020 at the Langham Cultural Centre in which I am hoping to have a small series of figurative assemblages ready to exhibit. There are a few examples of studies below- This work comes out of my continuing research and interest in the intersection of psychology and mythology.  And in my interest in  developing a visual literacy in three dimensional forms through exploring sculptural processes of casting, modeling, assemblage and who knows what else.