Yellow Christ for Gauguin shown at Kootenay Gallery 2017


Horizon LIne

Detail of Yellow Christ for Gauguain


artist panel Upstream Benefits 2017

Speaking at artist panel
Upstream Benefits

The painting, Yellow Christ for Gauguin was part of a small series of paintings based on the relationship between the landscape and human body. There were 4 paintings that were included in the Gallery’s recognition of Canada’s controversial 150th.

Shows coming up:  Upstreams Benefits at Touchstones Nelson curated by Arin Fay and Miriam Neeboda. The show celebrates Artist Run Culture through the Oxygen Art Centre. Each artist will exhibit an older piece and newer piece that speaks to their art practice.

Up coming exhibitions:

Kootenay Gallery of Art, Castlegar, BC   September 2017 with new work both paintings and sculptural work. Generously supported by the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance/ CBT. Curator, Maggie Shirley

Gallery 2, Grand Forks, BC  February 2018 with all new sculptural work!!! Curator, Tim Van Wijk

samples of what is going on in the studio-